When it comes to the lineup of Hyundai cars, you will find something just right for every personality or adventure. If you know that you have some road trips on your mind for the summer season, it might be time to head to your local Hyundai dealership to think about upgrading your ride. When you are already driving a Hyundai Sonata or Hyundai Santa Fe that you love, you will find that bringing it in for a check-up at our Hyundai service center at Kearny Mesa Hyundai will give you added peace of mind.

As you are planning out your summer road trips, we want to give you some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Take Snack Breaks – Nobody wants to get “hangry” during a road trip, so pack up a cooler to bring with you for your drinks and quick snacks. You may even find some great places to stop along the way where you can enjoy a picnic.

Driving Shifts – When you have another licensed driver with you in the car, it is a great idea to make sure that you take shifts while on the road. Switching up drivers will help you to ensure there is always a fresh pair of eyes on the road to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Excursions – When you pull over to take a break or to switch drivers, why not see what new store or tourist destination is nearby? There are times when going off of the beaten path will open up the door to a great find and plenty of memories.

Call our service team at Kearny Mesa Hyundai at (844) 528-5607 when you need to set up a service appointment before your road trip. If you would like to buy or lease a new Hyundai car this summer, you will find our selection at 4797 Convoy Street in San Diego, CA.