It is never a fun time to have a flat tire on your Hyundai Elantra or Hyundai Kona, however, this is something that can be unavoidable at times. Once you have a flat tire, it is imperative that you not only have a spare tire and tools with you in your vehicle but also that you have the knowledge to get it changed out in a timely fashion. While we can take care of getting you a new tire at Kearny Mesa Hyundai, we want our customers to also have these helpful guidelines on changing out a flat tire in case of an emergency:

Changing Your Tire

  • Make sure that your vehicle is as far off of the road as possible and that you have enough room to work safely.
  • Gather the spare tire, your tire iron, and the jack from your car.
  • Loosen the lugs on the flat tire prior to jacking up the vehicle.
  • You can then jack up the car, remove the flat tire, and replace it with the spare tire.
  • Lower the car back down carefully and then tighten the wheel lugs.
  • Double check the tightness on your wheel lugs one more time before driving away.

Handy Tip: If you are not positive of the best way to jack up your car, simply refer to your Hyundai owner’s manual for information on the proper jacking points.

It is important to stress to our customers that you should always have a spare tire and the right tools in their vehicle ready to go. Once you are back on the road with your spare, you can contact our Hyundai service team at Kearny Mesa Hyundai by calling (844) 528-5607 to set up an appointment. You will find our dealership conveniently located at 4797 Convoy Street in beautiful San Diego, CA when it is time for your new tire!