Drivers around the San Diego, CA area will often have a variety of reasons for leasing a car. Whether you are currently leasing a Hyundai Accent or Hyundai Santa Fe, you need to be informed about your end of lease options. Our team at Kearny Mesa Hyundai can help you to make the right decision to fit in with your budget as well as your driving needs. All you have to do is come by to talk with our customer service team at your local San Diego, CA Hyundai dealership.

Buy Your Vehicle

There are some drivers that love their Hyundai car so much that they do not want to trade it in at the end of their lease. If you have gone over the mileage cap or your vehicle is still in beautiful condition, buying your lease is an excellent option. You can come by to talk to our Hyundai finance team to learn more about the costs, including your down payment and what your monthly payments might be.

Trade In Or Walk Away

There can be changes in your life that call for a different vehicle, so when you come to the end of your lease, there is always the option to walk away or trade it in. Trading in can sometimes help you to save money and we have a variety of new Hyundai cars that you can choose from at our dealership. You can visit our customer service and Hyundai finance teams to help you decide whether walking away or trading in is your best bet!

When your lease is coming to an end, visit us at 4797 Convoy Street in San Diego, CA so that you have a clear picture of your options. If you have questions on buying or trading in your lease, please give us a call in the sales department at Kearny Mesa Hyundai at (844) 528-5606.