Trusting in your local Hyundai dealership will open up a world of possibilities to you as a Hyundai owner. When it comes to any of the needs and wants that you have for your Hyundai Sonata or Hyundai Elantra, our state of the art Hyundai service center is the best place to bring your vehicle. Our professional technicians have all of the training and experience that you need, letting you know that your Hyundai will be in great hands and you can enjoy services such as:

Regular Maintenance

It is important that you have regular maintenance done throughout the year to ensure optimum performance. Not only can you stay on top of the regular suggested maintenance according to your Hyundai manual, but we can help you with any service you may need from oil changes and tire rotation to checking your battery, hoses, belts, and more.

Tire Care

Your Hyundai vehicle’s tires need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure that you have enough tread and that you have proper inflation at all times. Our Hyundai service center technicians can rotate your tires, switch you over from regular tires to winter tires and back again, and even make suggestions when it is time to replace the tires you have.

Parts And Accessories

You may have a need for replacement parts to enhance performance or you could want to look into performance accessories to achieve the ultimate ride. Our Hyundai parts department is fully stocked and ready to give you what you need. If something that you need is not in stock, we can order it for you and then coordinate installation with our service department.

For your convenience, the service center at Kearny Mesa Hyundai at 4797 Convoy Street in San Diego, CA is open Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm and on Saturday from 8am to 5pm. To set up a service appointment, simply call our Hyundai service center and our staff will be happy to set up a time for you to bring your vehicle in for any car care resolutions that you may have.