Fall here in San Diego at Kearny Mesa Hyundai has been a favorite time of ours for a few years now. Specifically for five years now especially since the #ThisIsLoyalty campaign began with the successful partnership with Hyundai and college football. The campaign that we love here at our San Diego Hyundai dealership includes game day experience, social media engagement and regional advertising.

For this year, there is a regional TV spot called “Sealing the Deal.” In this ad, a customer and dealers are sitting in a Hyundai dealership where the walls are decorated with team gear, and they feel a bond for their love of the college. As for the online portion of the campaign, college football fans are encouraged to share pictures, posts and tweets that exemplify their individual expressions of loyalty with #ThisIsLoyalty. In fact, Hyundai is going to track which fans are showing their loyalty the most to find the most passionate and loyal fan base.

Another aspect of this campaign will include the partnership Hyundai has made with 17 of the most prestigious programs in college football. Hyundai will bring 117 game day events to stadiums across the country, and to take it a step further, at 17 games, there will be a Hyundai Field House with 2,700 square feet of pregaming with TVs, lounge seating and surprise university celebrities who will be signing autographs and mingling with fans.

No matter which team is your favorite, we invite you to drive your 2015 Hyundai Sonata in San Diego, or whichever wonderful Hyundai car you have, to our dealership to hear even more about this campaign and how you can get involved. Then you can relax and enjoy the rest of college football season.