Hyundai Motor Company knows how to grab the attention of customers with their unique advertising, and that is one thing (of many) that we here at Kearny Mesa Hyundai love about this brand. Of course, the vehicles we sell are all great models to consider, but the company needs to get the word out about these great models so our customers can come in to consider them. The recent campaign they just created involves one of the most vibrant pedestrian intersections in the world.

Hyundai Motor Company will launch a unique billboard campaign in Times Square. This interactive campaign will be entitled ‘Hyundai Brilliant Interactive Art.’ This will upload visitor’s photos and messages through the virtual character known as ‘Mr. Brilliant.’ After these visitors pose for a high tech facial recognition camera, this character will finish the photo by embellishing it with various themes for the rest of the Times Square visitors to see. The six different backgrounds for the visitors to choose from include a tourist who travels through Times Square, artist who draws New York City, an image of the Statue of Liberty, a police officer protecting New York, a celebrity jogging across the Manhattan Bridge, and a race car driver with his favorite Hyundai.

This unique advertising campaign is bound to be a hit among visitors to Times Square, but we love that it will also introduce more people to the fabulous Hyundai vehicles. Of course our San Diego Hyundai dealership can do the same if you stop over to our lot soon so see all the new Hyundai models as well as used cars that we have.